Valerie Armstrong
Senior Strategist
Valerie believes we all deserve to be more involved in the decisions that shape our lives, our families and our communities. Making room for more voices is at the heart of her practice and mission to transform inequitable power structures and create endless possibilities.
Tony Baker
Digital Communications Associate
Tony believes in the big picture—and that you get there one step at a time. Whether he's fine-tuning digital campaigns or finding innovative ways to reach underserved audiences on radio and broadcast TV, he does so with complete intention.
Whitney Bradshaw
Project Manager
Whitney believes solutions are rarely found in a vacuum. Through relationship-building, persistence, and ingenuity she finds creative ways to bring clients’ messages to life.
Joon Chattigré
Senior Copywriter
Joon believes that while the English language can be a blunt instrument, when shaped with precision, it has the power to express emotional truth that resonates with audiences. He's worked for over twenty years as a copywriter for brands, agencies, freelance clients and non-profit healthcare.
Ruhama Dimbore
Project Manager
Ruhama believes kindness wins every time. Whether she’s managing fast paced, complex projects, facilitating clear and efficient communication or collaborating within a creative team, she creates space for everyone’s voice to be heard.
Camille Elmore-Trummer
Director of Community Engagement and Strategic Partnerships
Camille believes in empowering healthier, more resilient communities—through listening, relationship-building, and bringing intersecting identities into the spotlight.
Sam Feld
Senior Designer
Sam believes that the right color and type have the power to turn the most complex problems into simple solutions.
Frankie Fernandez-Breedlove
Strategic Communications & PR Writer
Frankie believes a better future isn’t something you wait for. She’s harnessing creative optimism, collaborative storytelling and a deep commitment to restorative justice to co-create lasting change.
Leighann Franson
Creative Director
Leighann believes in the power of storytelling. She has spent her career in shaping brands, strategy and impassioned narratives to empower critical voices and to connect with audiences on a deeply human level.
Diane Goodwin
Director of Integrated Marketing and Campaigns
Diane believes in fairness and equality—and the power of personal narrative to bring about a more equitable America.
Marian Hammond
Owner / Executive Director
Marian believes that the way we do our work together is as important as the work we do. When she’s not at the office, you’ll find her on the shore of an Oregon river, supporting trans justice, or finding reasons to belly-laugh with her kiddos.
Lamarra Haynes
Community Engagement Communications Associate
Lamarra believes dismantling systems of oppression happens within the practice of relationship—with herself, those around her, and in the daily work of building a world where liberation is no longer a concept, but a lifestyle for all.
Megen Ickler
Director of Digital Strategy
Megen believes you’ve got to start local to make a big impact. With political knowhow, a knack for listening and an authentic voice, she’s advancing community equity and innovating in digital engagement.
Alex Jackson
Associate Creative Director
Alex's super power is her resilience. She believes in invoking it through her art, in the relationships she nurtures, and in the teams and community she builds—leading with empathy and light.
Rose King
Director of Strategic Communications and PR
Rose believes the way a story is packaged and delivered is almost as important as the story itself. She brings her whole-hearted dedication to each and every client.
Sam Lee
Office Coordinator
Sam believes in paying attention to detail and helping others succeed. Whether knee-deep in research, streamlining systems or whipping up a batch of waffles on the weekend, she puts people—and her Corgi—first.
Mya Lwin
Director of Operations
Mya believes in the systems view: put things in order, create a process, get the job done. After that, it’s time to eat some good food.
Sarah Mace
Project Management Lead
Sarah believes in method over madness, order over chaos and the quiet impact efficient patterns can have on affecting positive change.
Liz Mead
Senior Account Manager
Liz believes in creating safe spaces. Whether authentically collaborating with clients or developing successful communications strategies, nurturing open, curious conversations is where she starts.
Olivia Mitchell
Human Resources Manager
Olivia believes her connections to others form how she shows up in the world, how she does her work, and how she practices creating a more just world in which everyone thrives.
Claire Miyamoto
Senior Designer
Claire believes love, healing and joy are important parts of the creative process and that great design always starts with curiosity.
Jamie Morrissey
Digital Communications Associate
Jamie believes in grappling with complex issues and dilemmas that appear impossible. Comfortable in the unknown, she chips away at problems until she finds a way.
Thomas L. Ngo
Web + Digital Strategist
Thomas believes in using our personal narratives and relationships to enhance the built environment and shape a fairer future. And he believes caffeine, exercise and spreadsheets are what’s needed to get the job done.
Tracy Nguyen-Chung
Director of Production
Tracy believes the best solutions for our most pressing issues come from the people and communities most impacted. Through her strategic communications, public relations, brand development and documentary filmmaking, she captures critical, intersectional stories that bring lasting change.
Liz Pettengill
Digital Communications Associate
Liz believes in data’s ability to tell a story. She’s passionate about helping clients understand and harness the potential of data and digital communications to build impactful connections and create change—in minute and global ways.
Helen Qing
Associate Media Director
Helen believes in breaking down barriers. As a media planner, her curiosity drives her to find solutions outside of the box—getting the right message to the right audience.
Jeanette Rawlins
Senior Copywriter
Jeanette believes in the power of complex and inclusive storytelling to celebrate and empower. Her diverse background motivates her to discover what brings people together and inspires her to work for meaningful change.
Cody Romero
Senior Strategist
Cody believes in the impact of communication and cooperation. He’s writing, researching and building relationships to change lives, minds and systems.
Pip Sweikert
Art Director
Pip believes in the power of design to transcend language barriers, having faced many of them during her time working in Asia, Europe, and her native Australia.
Rhonda Teeny
Associate Producer & Casting Director
Rhonda believes in being unabashedly herself. Strengthening teams with her positive energy and deep commitment to collaboration and organization, she pursues excellence while always leaving room for laughter.
Danielle Walter
Senior Project Manager
Whether planning a project timeline or her next art project, Danielle believes in thoughtful design, beautiful organization and the power of creative problem-solving to promote equal opportunity for all.
Mike Westling
Account Director
Mike believes in urban optimism, helping to build communities with new ideas, clear language and an eye on the political landscape.
Kristin "Kdub" Wulfestieg
Director of Project Management & Resourcing
Kdub believes in bringing compassion, calm and order amidst life's noise and chaos—and each day, she seeks to empower others to the same.
Saerom Yoo
PR and Media Strategist
Saerom believes messages that capture people’s hearts and minds have transformative power. Through strategic and creative communications, she amplifies historically marginalized voices, bringing diverse stories to the tables where decisions are made.